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At CHILDREN'S CLOTHING EXCHANGE we depend on our wondeful volunteers to help things run smoothly.  Our volunteers enjoy seeing old friends and even making new ones! Being a mother of 3 myself, I totally understand juggling schedules, sick kids, etc. We are more than happy to work with you on times and "tweaking" the shifts to help you get your hours in, all you have to do is ask! 


  • It's FUN!!  You get to be with other moms, friends, and meet new people!
  • Volunteers Only Shopping times before Consignors and Public
  • Consignor Fee is waived for all Volunteers
  • Super Flexibility of shifts available over a month period, including days, nights, weekends
  • Husbands can Volunteer during sale times to help with larger items, monitor the floor, etc

We offer four VOLUNTEER OPTIONS:  

Option 1:  You may work 24 hours and shop on Sunday, Feb. 15th   at 4:00 pm

Option 2:  You may work 12 hours and shop on Monday, Feb. 16th  at 5:00 pm.

Option 3:  You may work 6 hours and shop on Tuesday, Feb. 17th at 9:00 am, an hour before Consignors Shop.

Option 4:  Unable to work during our times, try trading services.  Do you have connections to help get the sale media coverage, newspaper, tv, radio, print ads, etc.  There are also many things to get done before and during the sale, such as distributing flyers, placing signs, and more.  If you are interested email us at info@ccexsale.com.

There are many tasks involved in making CHILDREN'S CLOTHING EXCHANGE such a huge success.  Some of these include:

  • Tagging Items
  • Item sorting and placing
  • Assisting Shoppers
  • Assisting with check-out
  • Inventory after the sale

We have a wide variety of shifts available to fit into anyone's busy schedule.  We also can use men volunteers to help with security and large items that are sold.

Check out our Volunteer Schedule and sign up now!!